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My blog is quiet – life is full 🙂

I have not had a great deal of time to spend on my blog in the last few weeks. The end of the summer term and school holidays raced towards us and before I knew it – July was upon me ! A few weeks before the schools broke up for the summer it was a hectic schedule of trips, matches, plays, BBQ’s, summer fairs and so on. We were all on our knees at the end of it and looked forward to a few days relaxing,  before heading out on our three week vacation for the summer, Cornwall and then Norway.

This is the final year for my youngest son at junior school. The school had asked me if I would come in and teach Hot Glass Techniques to the year 8 children, as part of their Valedictory programme. I of course, agreed, and promptly ran off to write up my lesson plan!  One of the things that I demonstrated was how to make a marble from soft glass. I had made a few of these in advance so that the boys and girls could pass them around during the demonstration, and could get an idea of what the marble would look like when it was fully annealed and taken out of the kiln.

I also showed them how to make some glass beads. The children then had a go at making a bead themselves. As you can imagine, I was thrilled to share this artistic medium with the boys and girls of year 8, they all really loved the experience and were very able students. Their beads were annealed and made into their own personal key rings. I forgot to take a photograph of their finished beads, which is a shame as they were so well executed, but here are the marbles that I made to take along on the day, hopefully these will suffice.





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