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Happy New Year to you all.

This year I am toasting 15 years of creating with glass.

I am looking forward to spending more time torching, forging, enamelling and jewellery making. I do a lot of this already, but could do better at getting myself  ‘out there’ especially online.

My Etsy shop is being updated this month and will be filled with a selection of my jewellery. My web site is going to be tackled too.

I have made a promise to myself to just ‘post’, so instead of boring you all to tears with a lot of verbal drivel… here are a couple of items to brighten the New Year.


                                             All that Glistens 


GoldSpike1 earrings 025



I have also been making more of my signature headpins


                                       Spring Birds and Buds



Bird & Bud Headpins2.2015 028



Keren xx


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Summer is now upon us and the schools are due to break up in the next couple of weeks.

I look forward to this part of the year. I get to spend more time with the boys, enjoy our family summer holiday and can take full advantage of the long days and light evenings.

We have a wish list of family things to do this summer. All beginning with the letter F = fun! Ranging from: sleepovers, classic car shows, go-kart racing and popping into a few exhibitions that are currently running in London and other parts of the UK.

Talking of exhibitions, one that stands out for me this year is being held at the Broadfield House Glass Museum.

A lampwork necklace of mine has been selected and is featured in the exhibition called A String of Beads .

It runs from May 10th – Sept 14th 2014 inclusive.

For those of you that can’t make it, here is my necklace that is currently on display at the museum.

I created the focal and accent beads (lamp work) and then designed the necklace using semi-precious stones and my own Sterling Silver hand-forged clasp and findings.


                   Watercolour Tulips  –  Keren Panthaki 


Broadfieldvasdea2014 020




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The birdies made me do it…..

I am a self confessed artisan bead bird freak ( try saying that after a G & T)!

I love to find ways of including them into my artwork, they do look so very cute – nestled amongst other art beads, or just as a focal point in a necklace or a pair of earrings. The ABS March inspirational challenge is to create a piece of jewellery with hand made artisan beads, and inspirational ideas based around the painting below.  I have created some cute birdie earrings, Spring Chicks – complete with my own handmade copper artisan discs and Sterling silver ear wires.



 Birds on Riser – 1944

by Adolf Dietrich






Spring Chick Artisan earrings with art beads and copper accents by Keren Panthaki

You can find out more about the ABS Blog here

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My blog is quiet – life is full 🙂

I have not had a great deal of time to spend on my blog in the last few weeks. The end of the summer term and school holidays raced towards us and before I knew it – July was upon me ! A few weeks before the schools broke up for the summer it was a hectic schedule of trips, matches, plays, BBQ’s, summer fairs and so on. We were all on our knees at the end of it and looked forward to a few days relaxing,  before heading out on our three week vacation for the summer, Cornwall and then Norway.

This is the final year for my youngest son at junior school. The school had asked me if I would come in and teach Hot Glass Techniques to the year 8 children, as part of their Valedictory programme. I of course, agreed, and promptly ran off to write up my lesson plan!  One of the things that I demonstrated was how to make a marble from soft glass. I had made a few of these in advance so that the boys and girls could pass them around during the demonstration, and could get an idea of what the marble would look like when it was fully annealed and taken out of the kiln.

I also showed them how to make some glass beads. The children then had a go at making a bead themselves. As you can imagine, I was thrilled to share this artistic medium with the boys and girls of year 8, they all really loved the experience and were very able students. Their beads were annealed and made into their own personal key rings. I forgot to take a photograph of their finished beads, which is a shame as they were so well executed, but here are the marbles that I made to take along on the day, hopefully these will suffice.




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This year, I have decided to join in with the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party organised by Lori Anderson of Pretty Things     http://www.prettythingsblog.com.

The idea is to make and send a set of  Artisan beads with at least one Focal and one Clasp to an assigned partner. Once we receive our bead soups,  we start to think about what we are going to create and then share this process on our blogs. We have all signed up to a reveal date, on this date we collectively share our creations, our’s is the 13th of April. During this process we also all visit/blog hop and comment on other blogs who have signed up for the party too.

I have now been given my Blog Partner –  Alison Sachs,  and will shortly be sending off some glass beads that I made last week, along with a hand-made clasp and findings for Alison to incorporate into something that she feels inspired to make 🙂

So without further adieu,  I introduce you to Alison Sachs –

Alison Sachs is a polymer clay artist who lives in the good old U.S of A, about 20 minutes from Mt Bachelor, Bend, Oregon. There are some stunning photos of this beautiful location on her blog http://beadsbyearthtones.blogspot.co.uk  it looks like a wonderful place to live.

Alison makes and sells polymer clay beads,  her shop is full of creative goodies that have been lovingly hand crafted, in a range pretty colours. Alison takes her inspiration from the natural world around her,  and has a series of beads called “Imprint” that reflect this. All of her pendants, beads, buttons and copper findings are hand-made.

I am really looking forward to receiving my ‘soup’, perhaps it will contain some polymer beads?

You can check out Alison’s  goodies here :-  http://www.etsy.com/shop/BeadsByEarthTones

These are some of my favourites


Here’s a sneaky peek for Alison, a distorted image of the beads soup mix  that I have sent her


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