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Wow, March already, where does the time go? I am still in the process of sorting out and tidying up my social media platforms, and things are finally starting to take shape and look semi-organised.   Here are a few of the things that I have created so far this spring.

Tropical Headpins

Tropicsheadpins 034

Fun beads created for the Beads of Courage programme

Rock&RollBOCFEBLOGO2015 035

Fish beads created for the Beads of Courage programme

KissylipsfishforBOCVASDEALOGO 036

Vessel style focal bead

Vesselbeadpinkfeb 034

Cosmos bead set

Cosmic Ridge2  031


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Nothing for weeks on end …and then three or more posts to publish in a day…..

A couple of weeks ago I decided to participate in Lori Anderson’s Holiday Gift Swap. This is a first for me, but I liked the idea so signed up,  and awaited details of my parter.  Once we have been assigned our gift swap pal,  we get the know more about each other and then send a gift/ surprise, fit for a best friend.

My partner for this year is the lovely Niky Sayers,  who is the owner of Silverniknats. Niky makes very pretty silver jewellery from quality artisan beads, semi-precious stones and findings, you can find more about her here.

After swapping details and general information about ourselves we both went away to create/purchase a gift to send each other. Niky is a bit of bead hoarder ( sound familiar?) and though the gift itself could contain anything, I felt that Niky would really like to receive a beady gift, perhaps one made by my own fair hands.

So here’s a sneak peek of what is inside her Holiday parcel – I hope she likes them  and Happy Holidays to you all – not long now!


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