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The birdies made me do it…..

I am a self confessed artisan bead bird freak ( try saying that after a G & T)!

I love to find ways of including them into my artwork, they do look so very cute – nestled amongst other art beads, or just as a focal point in a necklace or a pair of earrings. The ABS March inspirational challenge is to create a piece of jewellery with hand made artisan beads, and inspirational ideas based around the painting below.  I have created some cute birdie earrings, Spring Chicks – complete with my own handmade copper artisan discs and Sterling silver ear wires.



 Birds on Riser – 1944

by Adolf Dietrich






Spring Chick Artisan earrings with art beads and copper accents by Keren Panthaki

You can find out more about the ABS Blog here


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I really enjoy reading the ABS Blog and have been following it for a while now. It is wonderful source of artist creative talent. The regular tutorials and art beady goodness keep me coming back for more. This month I decided to enter the February monthly challenge. The inspirational painting chosen by the team at ABS is :-

 The Rose Garden by Paul Klee

I just love the colours and style of this painting, each time I look at it, there is something else to see.  An exhibition of his work is currently on show at the Tate Modern in London. As you can see my earrings touch upon the vibrancy and colours used in this painting.

Cliosilkdrop1.feb14 023

You can find more inspirational jewellery from the ABS monthly challenge here

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