The birdies made me do it…..

I am a self confessed artisan bead bird freak ( try saying that after a G & T)!

I love to find ways of including them into my artwork, they do look so very cute – nestled amongst other art beads, or just as a focal point in a necklace or a pair of earrings. The ABS March inspirational challenge is to create a piece of jewellery with hand made artisan beads, and inspirational ideas based around the painting below.  I have created some cute birdie earrings, Spring Chicks – complete with my own handmade copper artisan discs and Sterling silver ear wires.



 Birds on Riser – 1944

by Adolf Dietrich






Spring Chick Artisan earrings with art beads and copper accents by Keren Panthaki

You can find out more about the ABS Blog here


I really enjoy reading the ABS Blog and have been following it for a while now. It is wonderful source of artist creative talent. The regular tutorials and art beady goodness keep me coming back for more. This month I decided to enter the February monthly challenge. The inspirational painting chosen by the team at ABS is :-

 The Rose Garden by Paul Klee

I just love the colours and style of this painting, each time I look at it, there is something else to see.  An exhibition of his work is currently on show at the Tate Modern in London. As you can see my earrings touch upon the vibrancy and colours used in this painting.

Cliosilkdrop1.feb14 023

You can find more inspirational jewellery from the ABS monthly challenge here

February already?

Where does the time go? I can’t quite believe that we are into the first third of this month already. I usually find the beginning of the year a bit slow, but the last few weeks have just flown by and my feet have hardly touched the ground.

Along with my family commitments, I have been busy making jewellery, mainly earrings, and trying to sort out my online presence. The latter is proving to be rather time consuming…..

The earrings on the other hand are going quite well, especially as I find them pretty enjoyable to make. A lot more fun than reading through ‘terms and conditions’ for the umpteenth time. Though, not wanting to drown in jewellery, beads and hand-made elements this year, the web presence is a vital part of my business and I am on track to getting it sorted out.

As you can see I have been playing with enamels – my new love

Torchfiredhoops3.feb14 020

And mastering those elusive lampwork pretty pinks

Cliosilkdrop1.feb14 023

And finally, wrapping it up with my hand-made copper elements and enamel beads

Enamelcopperdrop3.feb14 029

That felt so good…now, back to the web editing…..yawn….

Twiddling with the Tinsel –   this Holiday season, and loving it so far 🙂

This year I have decided to participate in the 4th annual Art Bead Scene Ornament Blog Hop.

The idea behind this, is that Handmade components or Art Beads are used to create an ornament of your own design. As a Lampwork Bead Artist and Jewellery Designer this is one ‘Hop’ I could not miss. But before I show you my ornament, let me tell you a little bit about my design and the inspiration behind it.

Christmas is always an interesting event in our family, especially as my husband does not celebrate Christmas per se,  he is a Zoroastrian, from Persian heritage. New Year (Nowruz ) is the biggest day of the year for Zoroastrians, this on March 21st  and is celebrated with prayers in the Fire Temple, a gathering of the family and an exchange of gifts.

At this time of year though, some Zoroastrians celebrate Yalda the Winter Solstice. In Zoroastrian and ancient Iranian traditions, the winter solstice with the longest night of the year is an auspicious day, and used to include customs intended to protect people from misfortune. On this day, people were advised to stay awake most of the night.  To commemorate this day, families would have small parties and gatherings and eat the last remaining fresh fruits from summer.Typically these foods would include watermelon, pomegranate, nuts, and dried fruit.

I have used this ancient Persian celebration as inspiration for my ornament, it was a lot of fun to make, especially re-creating the Almond bead in glass.

We  really enjoy all aspects of our respective beliefs and share these with our children. We celebrate these together as a family, all the special days that are important to us both.  My ornament is a little mixture of these cultural and spiritual influences, and sits happily on our Christmas tree, another Jewel in my happy life that I am so grateful for.

Hope you like it

Our Xmas Tree 

Xmas Tree

My Holiday Ornament

My own Handmade Lampwork  glass Robin, pomegranate and almond beads, with Lampwork glass berry headpins, hand forged copper wire nest, bail and hanger with raw silk bow.

DSC_0604Now lets see what all the other lovely folk have created http://artbeadscene.blogspot.com/2013/12/ornamentbloghop2013.html

Nothing for weeks on end …and then three or more posts to publish in a day…..

A couple of weeks ago I decided to participate in Lori Anderson’s Holiday Gift Swap. This is a first for me, but I liked the idea so signed up,  and awaited details of my parter.  Once we have been assigned our gift swap pal,  we get the know more about each other and then send a gift/ surprise, fit for a best friend.

My partner for this year is the lovely Niky Sayers,  who is the owner of Silverniknats. Niky makes very pretty silver jewellery from quality artisan beads, semi-precious stones and findings, you can find more about her here.

After swapping details and general information about ourselves we both went away to create/purchase a gift to send each other. Niky is a bit of bead hoarder ( sound familiar?) and though the gift itself could contain anything, I felt that Niky would really like to receive a beady gift, perhaps one made by my own fair hands.

So here’s a sneak peek of what is inside her Holiday parcel – I hope she likes them  and Happy Holidays to you all – not long now!


My blog is quiet – life is full 🙂

I have not had a great deal of time to spend on my blog in the last few weeks. The end of the summer term and school holidays raced towards us and before I knew it – July was upon me ! A few weeks before the schools broke up for the summer it was a hectic schedule of trips, matches, plays, BBQ’s, summer fairs and so on. We were all on our knees at the end of it and looked forward to a few days relaxing,  before heading out on our three week vacation for the summer, Cornwall and then Norway.

This is the final year for my youngest son at junior school. The school had asked me if I would come in and teach Hot Glass Techniques to the year 8 children, as part of their Valedictory programme. I of course, agreed, and promptly ran off to write up my lesson plan!  One of the things that I demonstrated was how to make a marble from soft glass. I had made a few of these in advance so that the boys and girls could pass them around during the demonstration, and could get an idea of what the marble would look like when it was fully annealed and taken out of the kiln.

I also showed them how to make some glass beads. The children then had a go at making a bead themselves. As you can imagine, I was thrilled to share this artistic medium with the boys and girls of year 8, they all really loved the experience and were very able students. Their beads were annealed and made into their own personal key rings. I forgot to take a photograph of their finished beads, which is a shame as they were so well executed, but here are the marbles that I made to take along on the day, hopefully these will suffice.




This year Lori Anderson of  www.prettythingsblog.com  decided to hold a Pinterest competition for the BSBP participants.

Lori and a panel of six other judges,  BeaducationFusion Beads,Kalmbach PublishingLima BeadsNina Designs & PJ Tool & Craft,  took part in viewing and judging over 900 individual pieces of submitted work,  created by 541 talented bead soup bloggers spread out across the globe.

There were some truly amazing entries, so as you can imagine – I am a little stunned, but very excited to have been selected as a prize winner.

My Ode to Spring Creations won a prize in the Best Use of Colour category – selected by Lima Beads.


It is very humbling to have been chosen as there were so many beautiful creative entries. Wow!

A huge thank you goes out to Lori for all her hard work in putting together the 7th BSBP. Also for her amazing creative drive and energy, without which, none of this would have been possible.

I would like to thank the judges too,  for what must have been an incredibly difficult task.

And last but not least, thank you Alison Sachs, my bead soup blog partner.

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