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Summer is now upon us and the schools are due to break up in the next couple of weeks.

I look forward to this part of the year. I get to spend more time with the boys, enjoy our family summer holiday and can take full advantage of the long days and light evenings.

We have a wish list of family things to do this summer. All beginning with the letter F = fun! Ranging from: sleepovers, classic car shows, go-kart racing and popping into a few exhibitions that are currently running in London and other parts of the UK.

Talking of exhibitions, one that stands out for me this year is being held at the Broadfield House Glass Museum.

A lampwork necklace of mine has been selected and is featured in the exhibition called A String of Beads .

It runs from May 10th – Sept 14th 2014 inclusive.

For those of you that can’t make it, here is my necklace that is currently on display at the museum.

I created the focal and accent beads (lamp work) and then designed the necklace using semi-precious stones and my own Sterling Silver hand-forged clasp and findings.


                   Watercolour Tulips  –  Keren Panthaki 


Broadfieldvasdea2014 020





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This week has been pretty hectic, but I am managing to stay sane – just.

I have made some beads for the Bead Soup Swap that I am about to enter – more about that later, when I will post pics.

On the family front there is a lot going on.

My eldest child has been revising like mad for three weeks now,  he had his first two mock IGCSE’s this week, he is 14.  The realisation of exactly how much revision is needed to feel confident about taking these exams has now dawned on him, bless, he has worked so hard that I am sure he will do well. Trying to keep the house quiet for revision has proved a major challenge, as scamp number two seems to think that the void of silence needs to be filled with his voice, usually with the proclamation “melons” at the top of his vocal range…….rather frustrating at times. I have commended my eldest –  for not hurting him, even though he wanted to, many times.

It all seemed to be ticking along nicely from last week,  until Monday morning,  when we had the report of a flood in our London flat, rather worrying as it is on the top floor, it was not raining and the only thing above it is a huge water tank for the block – yikes!  Needless to say, a few phone calls later, and a visit into the big smoke were on the cards to sort out the mess. Luckily there was very little damage, a few soggy electrics and a broken light fitting,  I managed to sort it all out in about 48 hours – armed with a large cheque book that is!

As I was in North London, I squeezed a visit into Muswell Hill  and dropped by on Lou,  my oldest friend,  who very kindly offered me Coffee, Tea and a Coconut Chicken curry for lunch, before I dashed back to Surrey and picked up  Scamp number two from school. I took a Snappie of Lou outside a Tea Importer / purveyor of fine foods http://www.wmartyn.co.uk . Lou is a Tea freak and has a passion for the Leaf like no other person I know, I myself – am a complete philistine when it comes to tea, and will drink just about anything that is wet and warm.  Coffee, is another matter completely.

The weekend is now upon me, I have managed to make some Clasps this week too and finish off some Necklaces that I plan to put on my website, along with some other focal beads, that were made on a whim.

Lou outside W Martyn


Check out these Tea Containers – Yum with a Capital Y!


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Yes – Life in the Vortex, but not without beads……

Since I posted earlier on this year, so much has happened, it’s just not documented….

On a non beady front, I managed to fall down the stairs one morning in May,  and incapacitate myself for three months. You would think that this could have helped on the blogging front, but actually, the whole experience was so awful, I just wanted to crawl into a hole and lick my wounds until it was over.

My studio is situated outside of the home, and the beading room is one floor up, so they both presented challenges in their own right, especially when you are meant to keep your leg elevated.  On the day I had my ankle cast,  I managed to slip over  – again, outside,  whilst juggling crutches the hospital  had given me,  and that was enough of a warning to take it easy , as I didn’t fancy two broken ankles in the same month.

The broken ankle does seem a bit of a distant memory now 🙂 although it is still not fully healed, like to swell up, go black, and ache on a regular basis,  but I do consider myself lucky,  as no surgery was required.

I will never look at high heeled shoes, or stairs, in the same favourable light – ever again!

This subject is now closed!

I have said it – so it must be true!

More to come – tomorrow!

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Well, here I am again…. apologies for not blogging earlier, but life just keeps getting in the way! This year has been the most hectic on record, for us as a family anyway, and the madness is about to reach its peak with Major Exams for my eldest child only a few days away from completion. With some behind him already, the summer School Play over, end of term trips booked and paid for,  things seem to be  going to plan, and in just a few more days we can all relax and enjoy what summer has to bring us, hopefully sunny skies and balmy nights.

I am looking forward to dedicating a lot more time to my Lampwork Jewellery and Beads!  Don’t think that I have been sulking in the corner though, oh no, I have been very busy behind the scenes,  and I am putting the final touches to my Teaching Studio so that I can share the joys of glass bead making with others. Tiles have been lifted, torches installed and ventilation connected, we are ready for action. So here is the first sneaky peek at Vas Dea’s Teaching Studio, bookings available from my website soon!

For the Eye Candy section,  Boris

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