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OK, I’ll admit it…. I love the challenges run by the AJE group, they are so much fun to participate in. I really enjoy rising to the challenge of a never-ending supply of ideas and themes, from the talented group of ladies that make up this team.

This months theme is just magical too, and I couldn’t wait to get started and create something that hopefully reflects  just a little of the magic of fireflies.

Though I currently reside in the UK, I have lived in several other countries and love to travel with my family.  Travel allows us to experience the wonder of other cultures, customs and the beauty of nature and animals that exist  in other parts of the world, in person, rather than viewed through a television screen, laptop or cinema.

For me, the memories and experience of travel continue to shape and influence my life and this months theme took me right back to the yard in Naperville IL, where I saw my first firefly with my young children. My neighbour Jul, showed us how to catch them gently with butterfly nets and pop them into jam jars to observe for a while, before setting them free. They are truly amazing little insects and provided a lot of joy and wonderment to my boys in their younger years. Fireflies, cicadas, chipmunks and raccoons are all fond memories of my time in midwest.

Like a packet of childhood sweets, or my mothers Welsh cakes, those little fireflies trigger a whole host of happy family memories of my time in America.

So to celebrate the wonder of these little creatures and the beauty of nature I give to you my firefly muse.


          Firefly sprites 

Fireflyladies2 044

Firefly   headpins  

                                                                         Fireflyheadpins 042

   Fireflies amongst the rushes

Fireflyrushes 043

 Firefly      Goddess of the forest 

Fireflygoddess2 045

Now to see what others have made for this challenge: –


Guest Designers:
Melissa Trudinger – https://beadrecipes.wordpress.com/
Mary Detray – http://www.brassrabbitstudio.com/blog

Keren Panthaki – https://vasdea.wordpress.com
Tammy Adams – http://www.paisleylizard.com/
Veralynne Malone – www.veradesigns.blogspot.com
Terri Del Signore – http://artisticaos.blogspot.com/
Heather Powers – http://www.humblebeads.blogspot.com
Susan Delphine Delaney – https://susandolphindelaney.wordpress.com


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