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This year I have signed up to participate in Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup Blog Party. It will be the 8th BSB that Lori has organised, and you can read all about this in detail on her blog.   My assigned partner is Susanna Lehto from Helsinki in Finland 🙂  In her spare time – when she is not riding her horses – Susanna makes ceramic beads and pretty mixed media jewellery.

The soup that I sent out to Susanna has now arrived safely in Finland.  I have hand-made all the beads and components, except for the silk, which is from a family celebration (Navjote) for my children. It is fabric that I used to make tablecloths for the dinner after the ceremony, to co-ordinate with the flowers/ swag that decorated the marquee.  I love the colour of this fabric, with it’s rich blue and purple hues. I hope that Susanna can use this in some way when designing and creating her piece, along with the beads and other elements that I have sent her.


VasDeaBlogsouppack 045


beadsoupblogSquare1 047


This is the soup that Susanna has kindly sent to me, her hand-made ceramic beads have a really beautiful tribal feel to them, I can’t wait to get started


Susannabeadblog2014 046


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