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This year, I have decided to join in with the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party organised by Lori Anderson of Pretty Things     http://www.prettythingsblog.com.

The idea is to make and send a set of  Artisan beads with at least one Focal and one Clasp to an assigned partner. Once we receive our bead soups,  we start to think about what we are going to create and then share this process on our blogs. We have all signed up to a reveal date, on this date we collectively share our creations, our’s is the 13th of April. During this process we also all visit/blog hop and comment on other blogs who have signed up for the party too.

I have now been given my Blog Partner –  Alison Sachs,  and will shortly be sending off some glass beads that I made last week, along with a hand-made clasp and findings for Alison to incorporate into something that she feels inspired to make 🙂

So without further adieu,  I introduce you to Alison Sachs –

Alison Sachs is a polymer clay artist who lives in the good old U.S of A, about 20 minutes from Mt Bachelor, Bend, Oregon. There are some stunning photos of this beautiful location on her blog http://beadsbyearthtones.blogspot.co.uk  it looks like a wonderful place to live.

Alison makes and sells polymer clay beads,  her shop is full of creative goodies that have been lovingly hand crafted, in a range pretty colours. Alison takes her inspiration from the natural world around her,  and has a series of beads called “Imprint” that reflect this. All of her pendants, beads, buttons and copper findings are hand-made.

I am really looking forward to receiving my ‘soup’, perhaps it will contain some polymer beads?

You can check out Alison’s  goodies here :-  http://www.etsy.com/shop/BeadsByEarthTones

These are some of my favourites


Here’s a sneaky peek for Alison, a distorted image of the beads soup mix  that I have sent her



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This week has been pretty hectic, but I am managing to stay sane – just.

I have made some beads for the Bead Soup Swap that I am about to enter – more about that later, when I will post pics.

On the family front there is a lot going on.

My eldest child has been revising like mad for three weeks now,  he had his first two mock IGCSE’s this week, he is 14.  The realisation of exactly how much revision is needed to feel confident about taking these exams has now dawned on him, bless, he has worked so hard that I am sure he will do well. Trying to keep the house quiet for revision has proved a major challenge, as scamp number two seems to think that the void of silence needs to be filled with his voice, usually with the proclamation “melons” at the top of his vocal range…….rather frustrating at times. I have commended my eldest –  for not hurting him, even though he wanted to, many times.

It all seemed to be ticking along nicely from last week,  until Monday morning,  when we had the report of a flood in our London flat, rather worrying as it is on the top floor, it was not raining and the only thing above it is a huge water tank for the block – yikes!  Needless to say, a few phone calls later, and a visit into the big smoke were on the cards to sort out the mess. Luckily there was very little damage, a few soggy electrics and a broken light fitting,  I managed to sort it all out in about 48 hours – armed with a large cheque book that is!

As I was in North London, I squeezed a visit into Muswell Hill  and dropped by on Lou,  my oldest friend,  who very kindly offered me Coffee, Tea and a Coconut Chicken curry for lunch, before I dashed back to Surrey and picked up  Scamp number two from school. I took a Snappie of Lou outside a Tea Importer / purveyor of fine foods http://www.wmartyn.co.uk . Lou is a Tea freak and has a passion for the Leaf like no other person I know, I myself – am a complete philistine when it comes to tea, and will drink just about anything that is wet and warm.  Coffee, is another matter completely.

The weekend is now upon me, I have managed to make some Clasps this week too and finish off some Necklaces that I plan to put on my website, along with some other focal beads, that were made on a whim.

Lou outside W Martyn


Check out these Tea Containers – Yum with a Capital Y!


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Busy busy busy,  but I am managing to stay on target with updating my blog and spending more time in the studio.

 I have “News” to share, but for now, I am going to show you the latest development from “Inspiration to Creation”.

I have made a focal,  added some more beads and gathered other items in a contrasting colour palette. These sit together really nicely with the original first set of beads.

At this stage, I am still not sure what I am going to create, for me,  the set is not complete. I need to think about component parts now, something to bring it all together.

Choosing a metal to work with, if any, can help to be a deciding factor for the finished item. So until then, take a look at my cushion inspired beady collection.


These ribbon colours are just right too!


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