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 Ideas for beads and colour palettes are everywhere, but not much use at all,   if you can’t record these inspirational moments when they occur. As a result, I try not to leave home without my phone ( it has a great camera function), because I really do like to capture these ideas spontaneously and not miss out.

I was recently out picking up some school shoes for my youngest son, as I walked past one of the restaurant tables in the shopping centre food hall, my eyes were drawn to a pretty object sitting on the edge of a table, a gorgeous cushion, begging to be captured by my creative muse.   I wandered over to the table, commented on how pretty the cushion was, and asked if I could take a photograph of it with my phone. The ladies at the table were talking about how much they liked the pattern and colours, and told me where I could buy one for myself.  I explained that it was the colour palette that interested me most, the pattern was pretty, but the use of colours together was really striking and I could imagine it would lend itself to many different designs in my work.

Below is a picture of the cushion and the first rounds of beads that I have made using this colour palette as inspiration, I plan to make more beads, and add other elemental items over the next few weeks, and then share with you the completed pieces.


The warm yellows, browns and taupe go very well together, I have added a brighter green, and a darker contrasting brown.

    The beads are hand shaped for a soft organic look, and have been drizzled with silver for a touch of luxury.



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Gosh, So much has happened over the last couple of years since I started this blog.

I really meant to spend more time writing about it all here, keeping a log of my progression, and sharing it in a timely fashion.  I have made a promise to myself, that this year, 2013, I shall indeed launch my Jewellery range in earnest, and make available more of my artisan beads and hand made findings.

Last year I continued with my expansion of artisan knowledge , I attended two Masterclass glass courses, and in the latter part of 2012 took a precious metal clay class too. I enjoy the challenge of learning new techniques, and it really helps with my creative development and designs.

I have been putting together an Artisan Range using semi precious stones,crystals, silk,pearls, Italian glass, copper and aged silver.

So,  for my first post  this year, I am going to show you some Jewellery that is currently sitting in a large box marked,  FOR SALE.


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