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Yes – Life in the Vortex, but not without beads……

Since I posted earlier on this year, so much has happened, it’s just not documented….

On a non beady front, I managed to fall down the stairs one morning in May,  and incapacitate myself for three months. You would think that this could have helped on the blogging front, but actually, the whole experience was so awful, I just wanted to crawl into a hole and lick my wounds until it was over.

My studio is situated outside of the home, and the beading room is one floor up, so they both presented challenges in their own right, especially when you are meant to keep your leg elevated.  On the day I had my ankle cast,  I managed to slip over  – again, outside,  whilst juggling crutches the hospital  had given me,  and that was enough of a warning to take it easy , as I didn’t fancy two broken ankles in the same month.

The broken ankle does seem a bit of a distant memory now 🙂 although it is still not fully healed, like to swell up, go black, and ache on a regular basis,  but I do consider myself lucky,  as no surgery was required.

I will never look at high heeled shoes, or stairs, in the same favourable light – ever again!

This subject is now closed!

I have said it – so it must be true!

More to come – tomorrow!


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