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A love of learning

I love to learn, don’t you?

I can’t remember a day that has passed, when I have not wanted to learn something new. It could be a small fact, a new bird fluttering about in the garden, not recognised, I would have to go and look that up.  A way of adding watermarks to digital images, hurrah – just managed to tick that one off, and then of  course,  new techniques in relation to working with hot glass.

Constantly evolving and pushing yourself, gives you a great sense of achievement when working with glass.  There is a fair amount of literature available now on lampworking, some good, some not so good. But I can honestly say that the most useful structured learning, for me , has been the attendance of classes,  with world-renowned bead makers. Yes – they really do exist!

In the beady world there are many “Greats”. Sometimes,  these highly skilled bead makers offer Masterclasses, and this is where the fun really starts.

I LOVE these classes, attending them teaches me so much. I come away with a whole new skill set, buzzing with new ideas, a sense of accomplishment,  and the realisation that I have come so far,  but still have so much more to learn, the exiting and inexhaustible challenges of soft glass.

My last Masterclass was with Sarah Sally LeGrande, I spent two days learning some of Sally’s techniques that she uses for her Brooches, Jewellery and Soft Glass Sculptures.

I jumped in the car and headed north to the beautiful Victorian seaside town of Scarborough, to stay with my beady pal Gaysie May. Gay – is lucky enough to live on this part of  the Yorkshire coast, and kind enough to share her home with me, whilst showering me with her warm northern hospitality.

Thanks Gay 🙂

Gay and I then headed over to the glass studio in Rudstom, this is where Sally would be teaching and demonstrating her techniques to a small group of lampwork artists for the weekend.  She had lots to teach us, from creating glass headpins, pods, spikes and various other shapes, to finally showing us how to put it all together into a wearable pieces of art jewellery.

Two whole days – of learning – laughter – and melting glass – with one of the most talented glass artists I have had the pleasure of meeting so far.

Here is the brooch that I made during this class, and headpins – that I made recently, created by using some of the techniques I have learned.

Sculptural Brooch - The Tropics

Soft summer blush - headpins

And lastly – it just wouldn’t be right not to include a piccie of my lovely pal Gaysie May – so here she is….


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Spring Zing

Spring is in the air.

Well – almost….

With the days getting slightly longer, a bit of a thaw upon us, and the odd spring Crocus and Snowdrop peeking through the long grass, we are nearly there.

I  love the colours of spring, bright, vibrant, zesty, and fresh, just what is needed to chase away the grey skies of winter and cheer us all up.

I have been busy making some zesty coloured beads, to match the season, I hope you like them, they certainly are bright!

For those of you that know me personally, thank you for all your kind support and help over the last few months.


Luscious Lemon



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