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Sooooo, technically – I should be writing ‘copy’ for my website… Sorry Fi – if you are reading this, but sometimes a girl has to to, what a girl has to do. For me, that is… Create with a capital C. If I were MS sensible, I would be writing the above, because I could then market and sell my work on the WWW, as it were.  Bah Humbug,  I woke up today (now yesterday) with a million creative ideas in my head and just wanted them etched in glass –  if  you get my drift. Tomorrow we could have a power cut, and then I can draft my copy – by hand, Yes –  I like that idea. So this is what I have for you all today, from yesterday that is.. Pink to make the boys wink and more…

I just can’t leave this glass alone, it is just soooo beautiful……

Now – where did exactly did I put that Sledge,  eeeerrrrm….. notes on my Copy?


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